Services for Authors


Content & Line Editing — Content editing is an overall edit, addressing plot and character development. Content edits mainly focus on improving description, creating realistic dialogue and three-dimensional characters, and fixing any inconsistencies (plot, description, etc).

During a content edit, I may make suggestions regarding changes to plot, scene reorganization, altering the structure or layout so the story is presented in a logical manner, getting rid of the same information presented ten different ways, etc. I will also focus on minor characters and subplots, consistency in style, and any other problems I notice concerning plot and characterization.

Line editing focuses on individual paragraphs and sentence structure. Line edits result in an overall smooth manuscript, with characters who are individual and distinct, vivid scenes with integrated description, and a fully fleshed out story with multiple layers. Line edits also address grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Line edits are much more detailed edits. Even if the story is already well crafted, a line edit can take the book from “good” to “great” by addressing craft issues such as passive sentences, inconsistent “voice,” errors in grammar and word choices, converting “show” to “tell,” and perfecting each sentence.

Pricing: $.010 per word.

Attention Publishers: Please email to discuss your needs.

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Writing & Ghostwriting

Partial list of available copy writing:

Business letters


Blog posts

Marketing copy for Direct Marketing email or business website content employing SEO content.

* Minimum charge is $25.00 for average 250-word piece. Custom quotes for longer works are negotiated individually.

* Need something that’s not on the list? Please email me directly to discuss your specific requirements.

* Articles and blog posts include topic research, but the client must supply the topic(s).

* Marketing copy for direct marketing email and business website content does not include research. Client must supply all pertinent facts, figures, and other information he or she would like incorporated into the copy.

* Editing services are also available for business letters, articles, and blog posts. Fees vary based on length, and start at a very reasonable $10.00 for a 250-word piece.

Ghostwriting Services

A Writer’s Weekly article from way back in 2001 estimated that “nearly 50% or more of all traditionally published books in today’s market are worked on by one or more ghost/book doctor/line editor. In the self-publishing world, the percentage is probably even higher . . . .” Considering the increase in popularity of e-publishing and self-publishing since 2001, I imagine that percentage has grown.

So, why use a ghostwriter, and how does the process work? Many people have a great idea for a book, but lack the time or the skills necessary to take the story from idea to finished manuscript. A ghostwriter can do this for you! The ghostwriter writes the book; the client takes the credit as the author.

The process may vary slightly from project to project but basically works like this:

* We discuss your idea. You’ll send me any notes, research, character ideas, etc., you may have. Using this information, I create a simple outline.

* You review the outline – make notes, ask questions, recommend changes, correct misconceptions, etc. This is probably the most important stage of the process, and the one that will require the most time from the client. I want to be certain I accurately portray your vision – for the tone, the plot, the characters’ personalities, etc. Your feedback at this stage is imperative if I’m going to “get it right.”

* Once we have a revised outline that the client has signed off on, I will then construct the story’s first draft. During the phase of the process, I will stay in touch with you, keep you updated on my progress, and perhaps ask questions or recommend small changes.

* You then review the rough draft. We discuss any necessary changes, review the manuscript from a content edit perspective, and revise as necessary until we have a draft you approve.

* I complete a line edit and make certain the story is polished and ready for submission or publication. This completes the process, and your book is ready for public consumption.

As you may have noticed, hiring a ghostwriter is usually not as simple as saying, “I want a book about a boy and his dog who travel by train from one coast to the other.” The process is much more involved than that and requires a great deal of the client’s time and energy. While I (the ghostwriter) will do all the actual writing, revising, and polishing of prose, you (the client) must provide as many story details as possible. The more specifics you give me, the more involved you are in the process, the closer the finished product will reflect your initial vision for the story. I will ask you to provide the basic story outline, character charts that describe your primary characters, and I may ask questions or request clarification on details throughout the process.

I can provide ghostwriting services for both fiction and non-fiction, in most genres. The cost for this service varies greatly, depending, in part, on length, amount of research involved, how much information the client can supply, and how much time and effort the client has to devote to the project. Please contact me directly at to discuss your needs and receive a custom quote.

Mentoring and Manuscript Critique Services

Manuscript Critique

Many authors already have a finished or partially finished manuscript, and rather than needing or wanting a full edit, they are looking for general feedback. The manuscript critique is the perfect solution.

Detailed, 4-6 page, single-spaced manuscript critiques cover the following:

  • General impressions.
  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Dialogue
  • Voice/Tone
  • Timing/Pacing
  • Point of View
  • Formatting
  • Setting
  • Grammar/Punctuation/Word Usage (overview, only)
  • Final Thoughts

Pricing: $100.00

All genres. All lengths. Same Low Price.

Look for a sample manuscript critique soon.

Email me directly at for more information or to get started.


Mentoring services can and often do include a combination of many of the other services I offer. Billed hourly, mentoring services provide an aspiring author with direct access to “real time” feedback on story ideas, works-in-progress, “how-to” information on writer’s craft, one-on-one, in-person sessions (for feedback, how-to, or other previously agreed upon topics), critiques, edits (both line and copy) on an “as you go” basis — scenes and chapters, rather than full manuscripts — and so on.

Mentoring services are tailored to meet the client’s specific needs, and they are priced accordingly. Please email me directly at to discuss and receive a quote on a mentoring plan that might work for you.

E-Publishing Service

Manuscript formatting and preparation for conversion to different file formats. – $100.00

Conversion of formatted manuscript into five different file formats – Mobipocket (.prc), EPUB, Mobi (for Kindle), PDF, HTML. – $100.00.

Data entry/file upload to e-book retailers – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. – $100.00/book. DEEP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE TO AUTHORS OR PUBLISHERS WITH MULTIPLE BOOKS.

E-publishing Consulting Service

Do you own or manage an e-publishing company, or are you a self-published author looking to break into e-publishing? I offer consulting services designed to assist you in succeeding in this highly competitive business. Please email me directly to discuss how we might work together to meet your e-publishing goals.